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Hi, I'm Ethan!

I'm the owner of Ether Weddings!

Truth be told I'm a huge nerd who enjoys all sorts of geeky mediums. In my pastime I game, watch anime, make films, or read books.


Oh, and I'm also a multi award nominated filmmaker

I first started filmmaking because I enjoyed being able to tell stories in unique and creative ways. I made my first film on an old point & shoot camera at the age of 8, and after that the rest was history. I knew that's what I wanted to do with my life so I began practicing before I even graduated elementary school.

"Ethan is truly a STORYTELLER. He and his team produced films that we'd watch again and again"

Ken & Tri

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Our Packages


The Premier
Wedding & Elopement Videography Package

Includes the Following!

- 2-10 Hour Videography Coverage

- Full Experience Film

- Full Ceremony Film

- (3-8 minute) Highlight Film

- Vertical Highlight Film

- Drone Footage (If area permitted)

- 2 Videographers

 ̶$̶2̶0̶0̶0̶    $1750


The Complete
Film & Photo 
Experience Package

Includes the Following!

- 2-10 Hour Videograpy Coverage

- 2-10 Hour Photography Coverage

- Full Experience Film

- Full Ceremony Film

- 3-8 minute Highlight Film

- Vertical Highlight Film

- 30-50+ Edited photos

- All Photos taken during the day

- Drone Footage (If area permitted)

- 1 Photographer

- 1 Videographer

 ̶$̶2̶5̶0̶0̶    $2250


The Romantic
Proposal Experience

Includes the Following!

- 2-3 Hours of Coverage

- Cinematic Proposal Film

- 15-20+ Edited Photos

- All Photos taken during the day

- 1 Photographer/Videographer



Inspired by you!

Your Life is a MOVIE

So why should your Wedding be any different?

We make Films not Videos.

Films that capture your emotions, films that take you on an adventure, and films that star our main characters on their hero's journey.

We could just make videos, but you deserve more than that. You deserve a Wedding Film.


Every couple is special to us

We're not just a company, we're people who love people.

When we make films we don't use cookie cutter methods to produce the same thing over and over again. We really try out best to tell you and your loved one's stories. We try our best to get to know you. You aren't just our movie's star, by the end of this we hope that we'll be friends!

We work hard because 

YOU work harder

You put in days or even weeks of your time to plan the perfect dream-like wedding for yourself. So of course YOU more then anyone deserve to enjoy it. Because of that we not only give you more than anyone else, we give you only our best 100% of the time.