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You make the memories
we'll capture them.

Hawaii's Premiere Engagement Videographer


Announce your SPECIAL day in a BIG way

Engagement Films are the best way to inform people of your lifetime commitment. While getting just photos are a beautiful way to capture your relationship, having a short film will capture the hearts and emotions of you and the people you'll celebrate with.

What are Engagement Films?

Every couple's story is beautiful in its own unique way. Our job at Ether Weddings is to not only help you capture that, but to help you showcase it to all your friends and family. Engagement films capture a short story that’ll draw in the attention of you and your loved ones. It’s a film about you! It’s about your love between you and your fiancé, captured in a beautiful cinematic way.


Whats Included in our Package?

Our Engagement Video Packages include

  •  All footage taken of the day

  • Traditional Short Film Edit

  • Social Media Version of Short Film (Vertical)

  • Engagement Photos

  • Memories

Built with EMOTION

While people make videos, we make FILMS. The kind to capture your heart, the kind to let you feel glee, and the type that you won't ever forget. We fill each of our films jam packed with emotions that'll keep you happy for life.




Jim Balamaci
Ceo/President Alaskan Special Olympics

"Without a doubt he was able to capture an emotional and heartfelt story of our program, athletes and families in a very short time."

Alaska Heart Association


"The videos you've made for us will help towards saving lives."


Hospice of Anchorage Alaska

"Ethan was not only able to capture the stories of our victims, but also convey their emotions in a short film very effectively."


Ether Weddings

As a professional cinematographer with years of experience in both photography and videography, I pride myself in my ability to tell an amazing story. Our mission here at Ether Weddings is to not only capture the moments that you find special, but to also deliver those moments in an emotional product that you'll be able to enjoy for years down the line. We give professional grade work at an affordable price to accommodate everyone equally, and hope to never let you forget those special times in your lives.

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